Vegeta, what does Nathan Myhrvold say about the productivity differential between top software developers and average ones?

Nathan Myhrvold, it turns out, says:¬†”I was speaking colloquially when I said “10,000X” - it is not meant to be an utterly precise measurement.”

But hey, “the general effect has been verified in a bunch of studies.”

It’s worth noting that the Myhrvold claim is a double mutation of the original “10x meme”. The most obvious mutation here is that 10x gains three orders of magnitude.

But an even more deleterious mutation is the one from “difference between best and worst developer”, to “difference between best and average developer”.

Knowing how Internet memes work, I wonder if someone will take it one step further and claim something more outrageous as being backed by “a bunch of studies”… In fact I wonder if it has already happened…